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The material of the Homestretch™ Crate is a washable fabric.

Single Showcase The Cat Crates or Purr-Fect Showcases are excellent for either cat shows or just as a bed. They are made either as a single or as a double cage. They are also made out of either clear plastic or mesh front. The mesh provides more ventilation for long-haired cats, and the clear plastic is usually used for the hairless and short-haired cats. Either crate will prevent any toys or kibbled food from being tossed out of the cage. Because the sides of the cage are solid material and cannot be seen through, there is no need for cage curtains, unless desired. Only the front, the rounded top, and a small amount of material on the top of the sides is see-through, ensuring privacy and security for your cat. The cat cages also offer two pouches where you can put business cards, breeds or the cat's name. The single crate allows for plenty of room for food, water, a litter box and a few toys. Double Showcase It is very spacious in the double crates. Each partitioned half is already larger than what is suggested by the American Cat Fanciers Association in their article entitled Going to the First Show. The cat crate also has two handles. there is also a carrying case to protect the crate when it is not being used. It can also be a convenient place to store a few items such as a lead, collar or a small bed.


Showcase Pricing

Click on the underlined description to see a picture of the item.
All dimensions are in inches. L=Length, W=Width, H=Height

Description Part No. Dimensions (inches) Price
Showcase Shelf-Left Shelf/L   $  23.99
Showcase Shelf-Right Shelf/R   $  23.99
Single Mesh Showcase CD-2M 36"L x 22"W x 24"H $149.99
Single Clear Plastic Showcase CD-2V 36"L x 22"W x 24"H $149.99
Double Mesh Showcase
**Picture shown with optional shelf**
CD-3M 44"L x 22"W x 24"H $179.99
Double Clear Plastic Showcase
**Picture shown with optional shelf**
CD-3V 44"L x 22"W x 24"H $179.99


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