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Welcome to Stiles Marketing

Designers of the original cloth crates.

Sherman Tank comfortable and safe

The Necessity

It all started with a little Cairn/Chihuahua mix named Sherman Tank. He needed a comfortable place to live while he traveled with his owners. The metal crates clanged  and rattled. Even the collapsible crates were large and awkward. It was totally wearisome dragging a large crate in and out of hotels, friend's houses and even just for a rest in the park. The ex-pens, often used at dog shows, had the same problems, not to mention that a large dog could tip it over if he tried. When metal crates were used, there was a danger of it scratching walls and floors or snagging onto something. Sherman Tank needed a familiar place that he could feel both secure and comfortable, as well as give his owners peace of mind that he was safe from soiling the hotel or getting hair all over the room.

The solution?

A totally new product that combined the security of a crate and the simplicity and comfort of a dog bed. It offered things that no crate could offer. The Homestretch™ crate is less than half the weight of any comparable sized plastic or metal crate. It folds up to an easily manageable size. Each unit can be used separately or joined together. The fabric Crate is water-resistant, protects the animal against sun and is secure. The mesh Crate is a secure place for a dog to watch what's going on around him without getting underfoot or maybe even getting lost.


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