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What are the advantages of a Homestretch™ crate?

The advantages are numerous.

Safety Occasionally stories are heard of a dog getting his collar caught in the metal wire of either a plastic or metal cage. Oftentimes the result is death. To prevent this, they must often go without collar. This is definitely not safe because the animal may charge or spook when the door is opened and be lost without any identification. Because Homestretch™ crates do not have cage-style metal, it is nearly impossible for a collar or tag to get caught.

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The Homestretch™ crate also tends to stay cooler in summer. They don't heat up in the sun like metal or plastic crates. They allow a breeze to flow easily through them. The Solar Shield or "Weather Wrap™" is available to further insulate the crates from the sun on hot days. However, it should always be remembered not to put a confined animal in a hot place, whether on a leash or in any kind if crate. The Homestretch™ crate also keeps many annoying or even dangerous bugs outside with your dog inside. It also keeps strange fingers and food outside, protecting both the animal and the little fingers.Purr-fect Showcase with carrying caseDouble Purr-fect Showcase

This is the PURR-FECT Showcase alongside the carrying case that it fits into. The Showcase comes in two materials and two varieties. It can have either a clear plastic front or mesh front. Shown here is the clear plastic material in the single variety. It also comes in a double variety, so that one Showcase can house two cats in two separated compartments.

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Comfort and Beauty Elbow calluses tend to develop when a dog lies on hard ground. A metal floor would definitely help to add to or create a problem with elbow calluses, not to mention how uncomfortable it would be for most animals. Plastic crates are not as bad, but they are also hard surfaces. A cloth crate, like Homestretch, would probably be the best crate to help in solving this problem. They are probably among the most comfortable for dogs and cats.

Freshly bathed dogs and cats can pick up a lot of dirt in just a few minutes. Your pet will stay cleaner longer while he relaxes in his crate. Because the Homestretch™ crate floor is waterproof, you should put a towel under the dog or cat to help take up the excess water.

Bugs and Pests Pet beds are a favorite hang-out of fleas. Fleas cannot hide in the Homestretch™ crates, so it will not add to any flea problem. All bugs but the tiniest will not be able to get in at the occupant of the Homestretch™ crate. Bugs are no problem with a Homestretch™ crate.

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Natural Instincts Most mammals have some sort of denning instinct. There are few mammals who don't make some sort of den or haven when they give birth. Even if they don't regularly live in their dens, most wild animals like a safe place in which they feel secure. It may be a tree, a dug-out, a rock, an old camper shell, or a cave. In this place they know that they are about as safe as they are anywhere and that they can rest peacefully. Most pets appreciate a place like this. For a pet, it may be a bed, a couch, a cabinet, a corner or under a desk. Why do pets choose places like this? The first two are comfortable. The last three are in a place where the animal can watch everything going on without getting in the way. It is also for the same reason that an abused dog runs in the corner. He is protected on two sides. When an animal sleeps, his instincts tell him to find the place that best protects him against two things. One, the elements: rain, snow and cold. Two, other predators and people. Even if someone does find him there, he is protected on many sides. He is also looking for a place where his smell cannot easily escape and betray his hiding place.

Why does the Homestretch™ crate best suit this criteria? It is protected on all sides. It becomes a safety zone that the dog or cat knows he can go to and be safe. You, the owner, put it where you want it, so your pet doesn't decide and choose your bed, or the antique rocker, or the middle of the kitchen floor. You can put it where your pet will be able to feel a part of all family activities. Where he can be part of the party, but not in the middle of the party. Where a nervous animal can feel safe, and a child can't feed her fingers to your pet. Where it is comfortable. Another advantage is that it can go anywhere with you. When you travel, or when your dog is at a boarding kennel, he will always be able to turn to his "little room" where he knows that it is safe. In the wild, only turtles have the advantage of a portable house.

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Is there any kind of guarantee?

Here it is: Stiles Enterprise warrants this product to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from the original date of consumer purchase. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident, misuse, improper operation or unauthorized repair or alteration. We will elect to repair or replace it free of charge at our option. Send $10.00 to cover handling, along with original purchase receipt.

Disclaimer We are not responsible for damage to Homestretch™ by a naturally destructive, unusually aggressive, immature, or untrained animal.

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How easily can a fabric crate be destroyed?

Fabric crates can be destroyed. But then again, so can doors. I once heard a story about a dog who chewed through the back door to warn his family when their house caught fire. They later visited the vet and found out that he had splinters in his throat.

Now, I'm not saying that only heroic dogs chew through either doors or cloth crates, but I'm sure that a determined dog could chew through a crate just about as well as he could chew though anything. Bored, untrained dogs and cats can do a lot of damage. That is why they should always be trained and have some sort of toy available when confined.

A dog or cat, whether a baby or adult, should be first introduced to its Homestretch™ crate with much praise, toys and goodies. Don't close the door at all for the first couple of days. Let it learn that its Homestretch™ crate will always be open and welcome. Let it occasionally find a goodie or special toy in its Homestretch™ crate. Let it learn that the Homestretch™ crate is a haven from wild kids, pestering puppies, large crowds and a stressful atmosphere. Only after it is comfortable in its Homestretch™ crate, start to close the door for short periods of time. When it is comfortable in its Homestretch™ crate, it will feel much more secure at shows, hotels and strange houses.

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Do the Homestretch™ crates heat up in the sun like the metal crates do?

As a general rule, no. Science tells us that metal attracts heat. Because Homestretch™ crates are made of fabric, it will not heat up like metal will. Homestretch™ crates also offer shade or partial shade, which metal crates cannot do. However, it is always important to keep animals out of direct sunshine and to mist them down or move them if it gets too hot. Remember, an optional Solar Shield or "Weather Wrap™" is available and should be used to further insulate your crate on hot days.

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How long would a Homestretch™ crate be expected to last with normal wear and tear?

HomeStretch house and run with carrying caseThey are new products, so we haven't been able to test one to it's entire lifespan. But we do know that they are made with the best of materials and put together with the most devoted care. And we know that our oldest one has lasted for four years, and is still in the best of condition.

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What material is used to make the Homestretch™ crate?

The fabric in the crate is made with 420 Denier nylon with a PVC backing or 600 Denier polyester with a PVC backing. The mesh in the crate and Purr-Fect Showcase™ is nylon. The rods that hold the shape of the crates and runs are made out of ¼" aluminum. There are also three plastic strips, called stays, that come with each house or run. These go into the top and on either side of the bottom to keep the Homestretch™ straight and to keep it from crumbling or folding up. The stays are made of ABS plastic.

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Can a dog or cat be carried in the Homestretch™ crate?

Yes, but only in the two smaller versions, the mini and the small.

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If a part is lost or broken, can I get a replacement?

Yes. The stays, or the plastic strips that prevent the crate and the run from collapsing while in use are available through the Order Form. For all other parts, call or write for exact figures.

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Is my Homestretch™ crate waterproof?

Yes, the fabric in the crate is, but of course the mesh is not.

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Is a dog or cat in a Homestretch™ crate protected against UV rays and too much sun?

Yes, the fabric provides a complete block from UV rays. Our optional items, our Solar Shield and "Weather Wrap™", will provide the same protection for the screen runs.

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Do they provide protection from the elements in cold temperatures, i.e. rain, hail and snow?

The insulated "Weather Wrap™" provides some protection.

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Can the Regular crate & Long crate be used together?

Yes they can. Many people use them as two separate crates for two dogs, or they use one for home and one for travel. Of course, using the Regular crate with the Long crate, using the extender kit, gives the animal more room to move around and stretch their legs, which no other crate can offer.

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What if it is really windy when I have my Homestretch™ crate outside? Is there any danger of my Homestretch™ crate blowing away?

Yes. Because the Homestretch™ crate is so light, a heavy wind can pick it up easily. On each corner of the house is a loop, made just for those windy days. If you put stakes into the ground through two of them, one on either opposite corner, it will prevent the wind from taking over. If it is especially windy, use all four corners. A screwdriver works well as a stake. Push the metal part into the ground and you have an easy handle to pull them back up again. They can also easily be stored in the Homestretch™ carrying case. To protect your Homestretch™ crate against minor scratches from the screwdrivers, put the screwdrivers in a bag when you store them in the carrying case.

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How heavy are the Homestretch™ crates?

It varies from 3 pounds to 16½ pounds.

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Will both the Regular crate and the Long crate fit in the carrying case?

Yes, they both will. Also a few other items can be put in the carrying case: leash, collar, dumbbell, rubber bands, clicker, towel, hair brush, etc.

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Can the Homestretch™ crate be used for puppies and kittens?

Yes, it can, but the young animals tend to be destructive. Whenever a young animal is in his Homestretch™ crate he should have some toys to play with or chew on and above all, supervision. He should not be left in his Homestretch™ crate alone until he is trustworthy.

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Can the Homestretch™ crate be used for other animals?

Besides cats and dogs, we know that a Homestretch™ crate has been used for a pigmy goat and a pot bellied pig. There was also a woman who bought a couple for her birds in case of emergencies. In fact, they are great to have around for any animal in emergencies. They take up very little space, and you may find that you need a place to confine your animal if disaster strikes. It would be nearly impossible to drag around a large cage in an emergency. Jemima Puddle Duck, the Muscovy duck, Frenchie, the miniature poodle, and Oscar the mini-lop rabbit

Ducks, dogs, rabbits... the options are limitless! We'd love to hear from you about what other pets use your Homestretch™ crates.

For other animals, the possibilities are limitless: snakes, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, chinchillas, lizards, turtles, pot-bellied pigs: the list could go on. They are also great for the smaller animals for a quick trip to the vet. Some pets must be trained before they are put in their Homestretch™ crates, just as dogs and cats must be trained.

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Does the Homestretch™ crate get dirty or stain easily?

No, it generally repels dirt. The nylon and polyester with PVC backing resists dirt and moisture.

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How do I clean my Homestretch™ crate?

The Homestretch™ crates seldom need to be cleaned, but when they do, simply use a sponge or rag with soap and water or a dishwashing detergent, then hose it off and let it drip dry.

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Can the Homestretch™ crate be tipped by the animal inside?

Yes. A particularly rambunctious or nervous animal may be able to tip it. If you either have a rambunctious animal or it is very windy, use the loops on the corners of the cage. Put some sort of stake through the loops into the ground. It is usually only necessary to use two corners. One of the best "stakes" to use are screwdrivers. They have a solid handle that is easy to grasp. If you get a bright colored handle, they are also easy to see to avoid tripping on them. And who knows? You might come in need of a screwdriver when your out with your dog or cat. You just need two. Put them in opposite corners of the crate.

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Is there any hook-on dishes or beds that go with my Homestretch™ crate?

There is an interior D-ring inside most of the Homestretch™ crates (there is none in the mini). This D-ring can be used to hook on water bottles or a food dish. There is no bed that goes specifically with the Homestretch™ crates so that you can use whatever your pet likes.

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Can I use my Homestretch™ crate as an under the seat airline carrier for small dogs and cats?

People have been asking about it for years, and now, it is finally out! It is here! A new line of Homestretch™ crates: under the seat Airline Carriers! More information available HERE.

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How small does my Homestretch™ crate become when it is folded up?

It varies from 16"x16"x4" to 40"x34"x6".

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For further information, please write or call.

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